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How can I help?

Partner with SCC in helping students exceed their goals by completing their courses with a grade “C” or better and retaining students from one semester to the next.
You may make a one-time cash gift, schedule a monthly gift, or authorize a payroll deduction*. Gifts will fund the greatest need including textbooks, required school supplies, backpacks and computers, and college exploratory opportunities.
Health Net spearheaded giving by contributing $15,000 toward our $75,000 goal.
Join our founding sponsor and donate today.
*Los Rios CCD employees may authorize donations through payroll deductions. Please call 916-558-2197 for more information.

Note: Funds may be matched by a Department of Education grant for a future endowment to continue support for all students including our Hispanic/Latino population. Funds are subject to terms and conditions of the Department of Education grant and the Los Rios Foundation endowment policies.

Thank you very much for making an online donation to Sacramento City College. Please be aware that we are charged a 5% merchant fee for processing a credit card. If you would like our students to receive the full benefit of your gift, please consider adding an additional 5% to cover the merchant fee. (For a $100 gift, that would be $5.) for other giving options, please contact the Sacramento City College Office of Philanthropy at 916.558.2198.

The Sacramento City College Foundation is under the auspices of the Los Rios Foundation, which holds the legal non-profit status 501(c) (3) for all Los Rios colleges (American River, Cosumnes River, Folsom Lake, and Sacramento City) and the Harris Center for the Arts. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent permissible under the law. Fair market value of benefits provided may affect portion of gift which is tax deductible. Federal Tax ID: 94-2506591




Sacramento City College Office of Philanthropy

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