Student Emergency Fund

The Los Rios Student Emergency Fund provides immediate financial assistance to students involved in emergency situations so that they can continue their progress towards a certificate or degree. Since 2009, the Los Rios Foundation has awarded $165,156 to 245 students at American River, Cosumnes River, Folsom Lake and Sacramento City colleges, students who were homeless, students who lost family members or whose homes were destroyed by fire, students who couldn't afford to feed their families or had been the victims of violent crimes, and yet they were determined to finish the education they had started at Los Rios. We need partners like you to ensure that this struggle continues to end in success. 

In light of recent events, the Los Rios Foundation is also making Student Emergency Fund grants available to current Los Rios students whose DACA status expires before March 5. It costs $495 to apply for an extension which is out of reach for many of our students. Time is of the essence as the deadline is October 5. Please consider supporting this effort by making a gift to the Student Emergency Fund.

Thank you very much for making an online donation to the Student Emergency Fund. The Student Emergency Fund is completely funded through the generosity of our donors. Please be aware that we are charged a 5% merchant fee for processing a credit card. If you would like our students to receive the full benefit of your gift, please consider adding an additional 5% to cover the merchant fee. (For a $100 gift, that would be $5.) For other giving options, please contact the Los Rios Colleges Foundation at 916.568.3075. Thank you again for your generosity.